In 2018-2019, CET will focus on “enhancing power of cultural contents” and “establishing industrial ecosystem.” Through in-depth curatorial exhibition at Huashan 1914 Creative Park, CET aims to enhance cultural contents, and through generational viewpoints, the Expo will lead the trends in Taiwan and optimize and facilitate product trades at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and Expo Dome, connecting all aspects of industries and establishing industrial ecosystem: 


Conveying Generational Viewpoints

The full name of the exposition is now “Taiwan Cultural and Creative Design Expo” with the subtheme of “Design Thinking.” In response to that, design concept is adopted for the design of all the venues in order to enhance curation of cultural contents and put forth thematic curatorial topics, conveying the generational propositions. The three venues explore and showcase the propositions through in-depth curatorial exhibitions focusing on generation, aesthetics, and originality, respectively. Through the process of understanding the past, reflecting on the present, and anticipating the future, the Expo aims to inspire generational thinking and creativity, bringing more beautiful possibilities for the future of Taiwan.


Optimizing Exhibition Quality

The Expo features an extensive lineup of local creative products, as well as cultural merchandise and services rooted deeply in the local soils, encouraging Taiwanese cultural and creative industry to propose values and solutions for topics such as originality, environmental protection, and sustainable social design; also, through interdisciplinary viewpoints of design, crafts, fashion, licensing, graphic design, publishing, and digital contents, CET utilizes innovative industry chain models, such as new curatorial concepts, fundraising platforms, and industrial investment and cooperation, to enhance trading and marketing system, establish industrial system, and strive for its expansion to global scale. The Expo also aims to enhance exhibition quality and encourage cultural contents with depths, as well as aesthetic viewpoints and original values, to gather excellent brands from Taiwan and Asia, in order to create the largest cultural and creative festival in Asia. 


Expanding Social Influences

Through thematic curatorial exhibitions, CET interprets generational viewpoints and cultural aesthetics, and guides citizens to engage in design thinking. Extended to run for 12 days, the Expo aims to involve more citizens by combining in-depth experience of crafts, technology and livestreaming, to enhance the interactive experience of participating citizens. Also, CET has planned advanced thematic cultural routes to enable citizens to truly feel the cultural features of Taiwan, and thus market Taiwan’s design brands and expand the Expo’s influences.


█ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Deploying in the International Network

In addition to continuing the management of TDC’s long-term relationship with buyers from around the world, CET proposes intriguing curatorial themes to inspire countries to strengthen cultural propositions. CET optimizes commercial system and enhances various exhibition services and international promotion to build brand power and establish comprehensive matching services for buyers and enterprises. CET also targets and invites Southeast Asian countries to participate in the exhibition in order for Taiwan to become Asia’s cultural and creative export center.