Following the significance and inspiration that modern society received from railway's mechanical power centuries ago, the 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan hosted by the Ministry of Culture adopts the theme of "Culture On the Move" to merge culture and time by connecting historical spaces, including Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, Taipei Expo Park – Expo Dome, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab and TRW Railway Museum, the aim is to create a "Cultural Corridor" and in order to bring together people's imagination of city development, but also spatial and collective memories from different times.


Here, "Culture" refers to the dynamic collision and integration of meanings, and "move" calls on all to explore the native culture of Taiwan. By the means of multiple curators' and artists’ approach to Taiwan culture, everyone is invited to think about how the concept, and "Culture On the Move," can be realized.


While every movement includes surprising twists and discontinuities, "Culture On the Move" gathers the power of the multitude to explore every cultural possibility, and stays open-minded for discovering the unique charm of Taiwanese culture. This movement will indeed continue―Culture is always on the move! 


Culture On the Move sees the city as an exhibition venue and employs a large variety of materials, exhibitions, performances, and innovations to uncover local and global potentiality of Taiwanese culture.


Huashan 1914 Creative Park, being the thematic hub, is represented through two approaches: “direct” and “edit,” which aim to connect tradition and innovation while exploring the local and the diverse. Stage On the Move breaks down the boundaries between exhibition and performance, presenting two thematic pavilions based on “performance” and “documentary.” Places On the Move explores the essence of places, employing the local publication, entitled The Place, to co-theorize places together with city pavilions as well as the craft installations and markets.


Fair On the Move—Design & Licensing demonstrate perfect integration of Taiwanese aesthetics and products with a variety of original IP and cultural creative products. School On the Move transforms the city into a lecture hall presenting fresh concepts and trending topics. Infrastructure On the Move reveals the origin of the city’s propelling force, launching the Cultural Corridor and envisioning a new chapter of urban memories for the public.




General Consultant │ Wei-Hsiung Chan

Wei-Hsiung Chan grew up in Fengyuan, Taichung, he is the co-founder of the online bookstore,, and various magazines, such as Shopping Design, Business Next, Soul, Gigs and Short Fiction Magazine. He is also the author of The Economy of Aesthetics and other books, and currently immerses himself in cultural sociology.


General Curator │ Tammy Chen-Jung Liu

Born in Fengyuan, Taichung, Tammy Chen-Jung Liu is the co-founder of BIAS Architects. She has focused on public issues for a long time and excels in experimental and strategic planning to reconsider the urban space and its cultural practices.