Original+ Collection 2019.02.28

Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

In the life of the Indigenous peoples, each type of implement is closely inseparable from nature, land and culture. Underneath the craftsmanship and designing, these objects respond to their cultural values, to their spirit of reverence to Nature and to the belief of life rituals education. At the "2019 Creative Expo Taiwan", the Council of Indigenous Peoples has set up an "Ayoi Indigenous Peoples Cultural and Creative Pavilion", in a tobacco factory situated in the north. Taking the "Indigenous x Life Style" as its orientation, 10 excellent Indigenous peoples' cultural and creative brands from all over Taiwan have been gathered under one roof, displaying the fittings of life, home decoration, utensils, gifts, metalwork and other product designs. Each piece of practical design is close to everyday life and behind each object lies the transmission of the meaning of the respect for Nature's kind-heartedness. By delving into a diverse, rich and profound cultural context, it demonstrates the creation of a better life for the world.