nozzle quiz new land 2019.02.27

nozzlequiz Design Co.,LTD.
Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

Taiwan-based brand “nozzle quiz” is focus on streetwear design that all of designs and images are presented with an experimental method interpreting nozzle quiz’s unique vision and insight of Taiwan’s culture. At the same time, nozzle quiz offers best quality products with up-to-date functional material as well as eco-friendly manufacturing, which we want to create an exceptional aesthetic works for each individual. During “Creative Expo Taiwan” this year, we are not only showing you “Golden Pin Design Awards” piece called “Street Agility”, but also our second series called “LANDING” which is enormously adopted by people who loves socks and sneakers including 2019 spring collection “S3” will be presented in the room. The other thing, we construct a whole new series called “SPEED” is so distinct from previous works which is completely changed in what we think about street design. Of course, it still keeps our brand soul「make you exceptional」.