ZOOM in Time 2019.02.27

Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

"Good design should be for all." ZOOM, a lifestyle design brand from Taiwan, insists on such a philosophy and makes effort on practicing innovative imaginations into our ordinary daily life. Minimalism is a critical factor in ZOOM’s design, but in the way of it, what ZOOM creates is not only the elegance brought by its design, but also purifying trivia in life, leaving solely the overwhelming wonderfulness in time. ZOOM is expert in applying the effect of light and shade, what perfectly interpret this illusion is the classic design element “Side-Convex Glass” (SCG). A special-angled glass which was made under cautious computation can bring out the variety of chiaroscuro from the refraction effect. When SCG is utilized in HALO series, accords with the name, it is able to generate dreamy refractions as a halo around the crystal when light stream through the glass. ZOOM not only attempts to collect light, and records every wonderful moment of life as well.