HORGAN, Be the Light 2019.02.23

Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

HORGAN, established in 2011, Taichung, Taiwan. In the beginning, HORGAN was the ODM manufacturer of Artemide, Italy. “I don’t believe in Asians. All you can do are pirating and imitating.” the manager said. What he said during the meeting, became the motivation for our designer, Tera. Then, our own brand, HORGAN was born. HORGAN, means a fearless and courageous warrior or champion in Irish. Just like HORGAN, an ODM manufacturer that wants to start an original design light collection. With spirit of persistence and fearless, HORGAN does not imitate, manufacture counterfeits. The core values of HORGAN are 100% original design and made in Taiwan, and devoted ourselves to the environment. We value environmental sustainability and environmental- friendly. HORGAN also believes that every lights has its own story. Let the light shine your life.