Qing Dan Ru Ware 2019.02.22

Qing Dan Pottery Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Design|Songshan Cultural&Creative Park

Made by master in Yingge, Taiwan, the master observes the Ru Ware of the Song Dynasty collected in the National Palace Museum to learn from its essence. Integrating the ceramic making technology and refined artisanship in modern Taiwan and Japan, he has developed this celadon “Qing-Dan Ru Ware” series. The Philosophy of Qing-Dan Ceramics: It appeals to natural and subtle beauty. This simple, elegant, and carefree plainness reflect a mythic, tranquil and archaic celadon. The Feature of Qing-Dan Ceramics: 1. The glaze is applied evenly to create a feeling and warmth like jade, showing refined artisanship. 2. Agate is mixed in the glazes to create a glossy look like stacked fat, showing to be simple and elegant. 3. They spread on the glaze unevenly, chaotic but orderly. 4. It is decorated with a ring of golden line on the rim to augment it lofty temperament. 5. It is refined ground to create a smooth and even surface.