About Us 2019.02.16


Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

Chyhjiun Jewelry] Founded on Sep. 25, 1995, Chyhjiun has transformed from selling imported fashionable silver jewelry to designing and developing its own brand. To pursue perfection and to ensure excellent quality, a metalwork department has been established and professional jewelry artisans have been engaged, re-interpreting the fine silver jewelries by their craftsmanship. [Design and R&D Team] Starting from sketches, followed by combining the registered trademark, symbol, and emblem with jewelry, and finally manufacturing at the metalwork department, all products are available at branch stores across the country and online stores. [Chyhjiun Alchemy Workshop] Alchemy refers to the Midas touch that can transform the impure into the pure, from ordinary into wonder. Well, we do just that! At our DIY Workshop, you have the chance to create your own unique silver jewelry for yourself or your beloved ones. We conceive innovations, weave dreams, and create beauty! We take great pride in being the fountain of endless new ideas. [All Inclusive After-Sales Service System] For us, selling goods is just the beginning. To realize the philosophy of sustainable design and value of circular economy, we operate in a holistic manner, including a professional maintenance system, a convenient after-sales service, and a complete silverware recycling service for our customers.