Vinaera Pro 2019.03.09

Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

Vinaera Pro【The world's first "adjustable" electronic decanter】 The red wine has different aeration time due to the different terroir and production process. We use our exclusive patented design to let people quickly and easily adjust the aeration level to get the best aroma and aerated taste. Just one tap, you can immediately experience wine at the optimal aeration level to your taste. The adjustable aeration level is equivalent to around 0-180 minutes in a glass decanter. The aeration effect applies to most red wine on the market. Consumers can freely adjust a dial to choose the aeration level that tastes best to them. It is the only device on the market that can completely replace the traditional glass decanter. From now on, wine drinkers can choose the aeration level that tastes best to them. This is the most effective, convenient, fastest equipment in the world.