Taiwanese Elegancy 2019.03.08

Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

RisK Studio was founded five years ago with industrial design background and manufacturing skills. Now RisK Studio attempted to show the elegance of Taiwanese living style by combining metal and alternative materials. The desk, chair, stool, and Self in Maker's series were built from the user experience. The use of skillful process techniques allow RisK to cut the materials precisely for bending and welding. The newly emerged minimalist design and technique are then combined with the appearances and functions of classic furniture, re-interpreting the imagination on the furniture. The natural colors of materials are remained in the sense of Taiwanese gentle aesthetics. Considering the color matching for modern furnishing, the metal, wood, and sophisticated marble materials are used to show the everlasting uniqueness. As time goes by, the personalized history will speak for itself. Other than furniture, RisK also launched home accessories such as "Tough Guy Tissue Box" and "Golden Hook" series to fully demonstrate the metal design and manufacturing skills of RisK. The users are expected to feel the attentiveness and detailed design and advance the living quality.