Paper Shoot 2019.03.08

Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

Paper Shoot creates products that combine paper and cameras, using thick cardboard casings to hold simplified digital camera components. This year, on Apr 24-28, Paper Shoot is coming back for the 4th time to participate in the Creative Expo Taiwan at Warehouse 2 Booth 20 . Nowadays, people often take photos from their own smartphones, but Paper Shoot is bringing back the fun of owning a digital paper camera that is easy to afford for all ages. Kids without smartphones can also enjoy seeing the world with their own perspectives. The external appearance of the product can be customized based on holidays, events, scenic sights, child-friendly images, etc. The brand received a great deal of media attention at last year’s event, and expects to achieve similar results this year. Paper Shoot combines technology, fashion, and eco-friendliness. Based on the philosophy of "less is more," Paper Shoot has produced new camera casings that are sustainable, creative, and unique. The camera casings are replaceable, thus maximizing style while minimizing waste. At only one centimeter thick, the full-featured cameras are highly portable and easy to operate. The materials used are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and the casings can be replaced and customized with different patterns and prints. This year, Paper Shoot are releasing the Leaf series and Cork series of cameras, which will revolutionize the public's perception of cameras.