Partner Toys! 2019.03.08

Licensing|Taipei Expo Park–Expo Dome

Partner Toys- A start-up toy company from Taiwan. Partner Toys established in May 2018. Composed of four people from all over Taiwan. They have same idea and use their expertise and a passion to promote Taiwanese local toys. The original intention is simple. We hope the world can see the toys designer from Taiwan! Our company established for around 1 year, we collaborated with Taiwanese designer and launched so many toys, like foodie dinosaur、FU Fantasy Zoo 、Fruit Animal、God & Ghost and FUCK Dog, and so on. Not only in Taiwan, you also can see the product from Parnter Toys in Honkong、China、Thailand and Japan! We'll devote ourselves to keep cooperating with Taiwanese designer and lauch more product to let the world can see the ray from Taiwan.