Tao Shi 2019.03.08

Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

Founded in 2014, Tao Shi is a Taiwanese ceramics brand jointly operated by two authors. They pursue the combination of shape and color, and try their best to express the texture of clay and glaze. Focus on the use of details, showing the beauty of the artifact when used in the hand Tao Shi takes the theme of the “sea floor” and intervenes in the color of the ocean. From the perspective of the high point overlooking the shallow sea to the deep sea, the diverse appearance of the sea floor allows the sunlight to reflect various shades of color change. Tao Shi believes that when people facing the sea, they are always accompanied by a variety of different emotions, joy and sadness, joy and loneliness. The ocean generously displays many different faces to mirror people’s emotions. And they also see the side that best reflects their emotions. The work created with the concept of the sea floor represents people’s inner twists and turns, showing different feelings. Tao Shi is looking forward to resonating with the emotions of the viewers.