Simple Real-TAMAGO 2019.03.07

Simple Real.
Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

Brewing a cup of “ just the right amount “ tasty coffee at a time! SimpleReal launched the TAMAGO premium pour over coffee kit for genuine coffee lovers to prepare their own cuppa and relish the sensation. TAMAGO pour-over kettle shaped to remind you of an egg.It appears streamlined enough to form a perfect oval while emitting a vibe of timeless grace. With built-in brew range thermometer, it offers excellent control for pouring and capacity is 350mL that match the TAMAGO double-walled glass(330mL). Beside, TAMAGO premium goes well with the 2nd generation co-branded dripper by ORIGAMI from Japan, the ceramic dripper is unique owing to its design. The spacing between the ribs is large enough to allow for the user to be able to control the flow rate, thus rendering it simple for both amateur as also experienced coffee drinkers. Be your own barista, to taste the perfection of a cup of specialty coffee, you just need TAMAGO premium! About SimpleReal To be simple is to be real. The brand SimpleReal was born out of the will to create happiness and to derive satisfaction. Our vision is to watch you slow down by choice and seek happiness through various real life experiences.