Sustainable Design 2019.03.07

Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

《Sustainable lifestyle made through thoughtful Product designs》 While we all aspire a greener future, most of us don’t know where to start. Agooday, a Taiwan-based designer brand, wants to make less-plastic life accessible to all through thoughtful and functional product design that easily fits our everyday life. Agooday provides convenient and various choices help people replacing disposable plastics, such as biodegradable bamboo tooth brush, silk dental floss, and reusable food bag. providing more convenient and flexible way to replace disposable plastics. Pockeat, one of their most popular product, is a reusable food bag designed especially for Taiwanese foods to help users replace disposable tableware and plastic bags. With its functional design features such as adjustable capacity, heat resistant and waterproof inner bag, pocket size, featherlight weight, Pockeat is not only suitable for packing a wide variety of foods, but also easy to carry to anywhere without burden. According to Agooday’s estimation, so far more than 90 thousand of people use their products, replacing more than 9,576,000 plastic bags. Agooday looks forward to making sustainability not only an issue that we concerned, but also a joyful lifestyle we all can choose and influence others.