VAGO - TRAVEL SMART 2019.03.07

Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

While we travel, we always wish to bring a lot souvenirs we like back home. However, it’s challenging to get all of them every time due to space constraints. Since airline company is increasing luggage weight limit, but the size of travelers' clothes and other thing are using too many spaces. The solution lies with VAGO, the world smallest portable vacuum device, which could help you save more than 50% luggage space by compressing soft items automatically in your baggage. Our aim is to create more space in the existing luggage to make packing easier and efficient during travel. By using VAGO, travelers could bring more things after or before the trip. Besides, VAGO is very easy to use by connecting with micro USB and power source like plug or power bank. After travel, travelers could put their dirty clothes inside the vacuum bag and keep bacteria away from other things in the luggage. VAGO has already been sold in more than 20 countries all over the world. We insist on VAGO product to be made solely in Taiwan and let the world know our spirit of Taiwan design. We are planning to be at the Creative Expo Taiwan and eagerly looking forward for you to join the event. When you join us Create Expo Taiwan, you would be entitled to receive a small memorable gift and also stand a chance to win a lucky draw prize. Let VAGO make your dreams come true to bring all the souvenirs home!