A lucky brand 2019.03.07

Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

This new born Taiwanese accessory fashion brand is called "dadiogaosai". In Taiwanese "dadio" means "step into" and "gaosai" means "lucky". Therefore "dadiogaosai" means “step into luck”. This brand's first collection "TIAN-XIANG", is released in 2019. The design is inspired by a specific traditional art work, “Chinese knot”. A Chinese knot is usually made with threads, and the material for the threads are usually silk, cotton or linen. In traditional Chinese wedding night, the groom takes a ribbon, makes it into a knot, and tie it with the bride. The knot symbolize promises and commitments. It also represents a blessing message for this couple that they will be tied together with love for their entire life. Fascinated by the rich culture and meaning behind a Chinese knot, the designer fully presents her talent in collection “TIAN-XIANG”. The designer uses patent leather to make a Chinese knot, and combine this knot in to handbags, bustier and necklace, giving this traditional art work a whole new look.