A betel life 2019.03.07

Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

Two Amis sisters found their true future residing in their hometown. With the idea of starting their own business, they left the urban lives and moved back to their tribe where their parents and ancestors spent their whole lives. From cross-weaving to spheres of sweater decoration; from braid to the study's of natural materials; the sisters have learned to be artisans ever since they moved back, gradually, they started to pick up what's been missing in their lives and sort of re-connecting to their own culture with the help of the elderly from the tribe. Take for an example, betel trees provide the nuts to chew for; at the meantime, they can be materials to be put into a good use. The trunks are vastly used as the fundamental parts to build the traditional Amis housing. Betel nuts, while actually being “fruits” of the trees, also play the crucial role for occasions like weddings, funerals, gathering, and ceremonies, even supper dishes on the table. The sheaths can be made into eco-friendly utensil and Amis people have done it for centuries. People can basically read a story of this Amis lifestyle merely by one betel nut tree. Now these sisters would like to share the stories about all indigenous people in Taiwan in general. These people are kind, passionate and eco-friendly. They respect their motherland and live a life dedicated to that respect. Go out and feel a betel tree when you can. That’s the preface of their storybook.