Double Wall Glass 2019.03.06

Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

Taiwan double Wall hand-crafted glasses “GOODGLAS” has created popularity in 2018 with success. From the super-cute animal double wall glass, cherry blossom double wall glass for specific season, to the most popular reindeer double wall glass for Christmas, every style drives the fans crazy. Apart from the products of exclusive design, GOODGLAS also works with well-known IP such as BEERU from Taiwan Bar and Mickey from Lisa Larson by co-launching a role-based double layered hand-crafted glasses.Moreover, the product was approved by the Golden Horse Awards to become the 55th Golden Horse Awards designated VIP gifts. GOODGLASS has prolonged the excellent performance to 2019 while the Shiba Inu double layered hand-crafted glasses swept the Japanese social networking platform upon release. The press competed to report this super-cute glass as Shiba Inu became popular in Taiwan’s market and was reported by news. GOODGLAS will bring more surprises apart from the complete product series at the 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan.