City Impressions 2019.03.06

Design|Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

ABOUT JAINJAIN Reduction & simplicity is considered two important elements in life, to reduce and then to simplify. JainJain serves as a reminder in our daily life to clarify our ideas against all desires, big or small, within a controlled and realistic scope in order to avoid unnecessary deviation. As a child, drawing was a form of expression for me to unleash emotions; latter in my adulthood, pattern design, as a way of communication to convert thoughts onto fabric, allows me to apply words in mind or favorite colors in an artistic approach, a channel for self-expression or a form of personal therapy. The expressive city impressions are the source of my inspiration. All media bear different emotions for unique moments. I like to create things with simple concepts, such as lines or geometric patterns, the overlaid plaid reduces the dazzling lights, and simplifies the heaviness of darkness. JainJain invites you to embrace moments of our daily life.