Met miracle pop up ! 2019.03.06

Half Goatee Pop-Up Book Lab.
Licensing|Taipei Expo Park–Expo Dome

The "H.G Lab." specializes in research and development of movable paper art teams. It actively promotes the multi-application and display of three-dimensional books in the Asia-Pacific region. It has won the Taiwan Top pop up book Patent and the Taiwan Culture Expo Top 100 New Awards. In recent years, The National Palace Museum and the Weiwuying National Art and Culture Center jointly launched a joint pop up card, setting a milestone for Taiwan's paper art brand and open new vision with the goverment. Taiwan's pop up book market is about to sprout and thrive. H.G. Lab. will launch a new cooperation model, create an innovative brand presentation, use a three-dimensional book to tell your brand story, and let your brand introducing with creative! To create a unique, hand-craft marketing method; through our pop up works also make your customers recognised your brand, you will be the most eye-catching, intriguing brand story.