Studying the Beauty of Life:Life! Lab 2019.03.22


The “Life! Lab” section that was well received at the Creative Expo Taiwan in past 2 consecutive years is coming back this year at the event’s Songshan exhibition venue. Following last year’s exhibition of reasonably priced and finely designed Taiwanese products, this year the exhibition takes us to discover 10 day-to-day crafts that feature utility as well as regional and technical characters. Meanwhile, in reflection of issues such as climate change and decrease of resources, designer items bearing environmentally friendly ideas are exhibited, proclaiming a beauty-in-friendliness way of living in the new era.




The Beauty in The Friendliness of Concerning About Environmental Sustainability
The earth is facing multipolar pressures brought by climate change, population growth, and limited resources. Overuse without control causes harms to both the environment and health. In this respect, “environmental friendliness” and “circular economy” have become trends for a new way of living. For example, Swedish-founded retail brand IKEA has announced that it will take steps to end the use of disposable plastic wares and start designing products that can be fixed and then resold or recycled for use in the future. Taiwanese brands, of course, have kept up with this wave of world trend. The “Beauty in Friendliness” section of Life! Lab will display 10 Taiwanese brands to show how designers adopts science technology and creative coexistence to present useful, attractive, and environmentally friendly products with ideas of sustainability.


Day-to-Day Crafts Present Beauty in Utility
Popular craftsmanship, originated from local ways of living, is passed on from previous generations to create, with locally exclusive materials, objects fitting for everyday life that also incorporate with local styles. The “Beauty in Utility” section will lead visitors to explore the simple, beautiful art of popular craftsmanship, discovering in the designers’ inspiration and the new generation craftsmen’s spirit the crafts that feature utility as well as regional and technical characters. 




Recycled PET Bag that has Raised Funds Exceeding Its Original Goal by 430%.
FNG|Songshan Cultural and Creative Park|S2-011-01

Combining ideals of “circular technology” and “social enterprise”, FNG works with the social enterprise group “Do You A Flavor” to purchase recycled waste with better prices from waste collector, homeless people, and other socially vulnerable groups, and then transform the waste into designed products with Taiwan’s world-leading recycling technology and ability to design. Moreover, with environmental issues, the brands connect the mainstream and the socially vulnerable, and facilitate a positive cycle of good thoughts in which design ideas and social issues alternate.





“Being Green” is Made Simple with The Power of Design!
Agooday|Songshan Cultural and Creative Park|S2-011-04

Taiwan-based eco-friendly design brand agooday is making efforts to reduce the amount of disposable plastic products. It hopes to make plastic reduction easier with the power of design.



Timeless Art of Day-to-Day Lacquerware
Kousan Craft|Songshan Cultural and Creative Park|S3-014-05

Established in 1946 by Gao-Shan Lai, Taiwan’s founding father of lacquer art, Kousan Craft was re-opened by its 3rd generation in 2016. The heir re-interprets the thousand-layer lacquer craftsmanship with modern languages, promotes for the beauty of the art commodity to be brought back to the daily life, and creates timeless crafts that keep up with modern developments.




Wisdom of Indigenous Ancestors and the Beauty of Contemporary Textile
Unique Tapa|Songshan Cultural and Creative Park|S3-014-05

Established by Rong-Yi Lin, who is of the indigenous Amis stock, the brand is dedicated to creatively integrating the Tapa culture of Taiwan’s indigenous tribes with the aesthetics of contemporary textiles. The environment in which the trees grow, the tools used to make the tapa and the beating of it would all affect its appearance. One could see its unique pattern while feeling the natural and ancestral wisdom. 


Taiwan-Japan Express heading foreign markets are running at full speed!


Jointly organized by crowdfunding platform flyingV and CATAPULT, a shopping platform and subsidiary of Japan’s listed company of Agile Media Network (AMN), the Taiwan-Japan Express, an annual project that brings in large wholesalers such as wholesalers of large household electric appliances, department stores, fashion stores, and drugstores has been launched!


  • For new products never sold in Taiwan before, flyingV will provide counseling services in crowdfunding. 

  • Products that have already made appearances in Taiwan can be pre-ordered on the shopping platform. 

  • For the sales challenge in Japan, products, whether launched or not, will be sold on Japan’s CATAPULT shopping platform.


The goal amount is decided according to the finalists’ product feature, price, and sales outlet. The results of the sales challenge of both Taiwan and Japan will become an important reference of Japanese retailers’ desire to purchase. Brands shortlisted for the sales challenge will be displayed at the 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan for their representatives to communicate face-to-face with visitors and buyers from Japanese retailers. The latest form of sales contest challenge is waiting for you at 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan, where the Taiwan-Japan Express runs at full speed!



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