Creative Expo Taiwan 2019 Application 2018.11.12

The 2019 CET will be three primary exhibition halls: the Cultural Concept / Hushan1914-Creative Park”, ”Design&Craft / Shongshan Culture and Creative Park” and “Licensing / Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome”. By strengthening the cultural value of displayed products and proposing relevant themes for exhibition, the expo will interpret the views of generations and cultural aesthetic, which in turn inspire further design creative thinking. Furthermore, by creating connections between the Expo and the cultural environment in the city surrounding it, the unique style of Taiwanese life aesthetic and design ideas will be presented, thus making the 2018CET”The Most Thoughtful Expo in Asia”.


3 Reasons for Attending the 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan

A Must-see exhibition for the media and the general public

Build the connection with various channels

The best way to meet buyers all over the world







Shongshan Culture and Creative Park / Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome

2019/04/24-04/25 10:00-18:00 Buyers Day

2019/04/26-04/27 10:00-18:00 Public Day

2019/04/28 10:00-17:00 Public Day




Shongshan Culture and Creative Park( No.133 Guanfu Rd., Taipei City )- Design&Craft

Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome(No.1 Yumen St., Taipei City)- Licensing


Exhibition Content


Shongshan Culture and Creative Park / Design&Craft

HOME    Furniture, Wall décor, Lighting, Table décor 

GIFT      Stationary, Gifts, Paper product, Creative electronics, Herbal fragrances

FASHION  Textile, Bags, Accessories, Shoes, Hats, Eyewear, Other fashion Accessories

DINING   Tableware, Eating Utensils, Glassware, Other household utensils


Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome / Licensing

CHARACTER         Taiwanese Original Characters, Oversea Characters, Cartoon and Animation Characters

ART&ILLUSTRATION   Museums, Culture&Art, Illustrations, Publishers

CONTENT&SERVICE   Brands, Games, Exhibitions&Entertainment, Design Services, Government&Organizatnions





■ Exhibitor Eligibility


Domestic exhibitors must meet the following requirements:

Brands, manufacturers, trading companies, agents, dealers, etc., approved and registered by pertinent local authorities and whose scope of business fits any of the categories listed by the Expo and verified by the organizer.

Foreign exhibitors must meet the following requirements<:

1. Foreign companies from areas whose export to the Republic of China is permitted by the Taiwan government; or the Taiwanese agents, dealers, branch office or liaison office of such companies.

2. Agents handling sales of foreign products. Supporting documents such as authorization letter or agency agreement must be submitted to the organizer for verification.



1. The organizer reserves the right to review application based on the applicant’s track record with past Expos or others domestic trade shows.

2. Participating exhibitors are strictly prohibited form showcasing products with false labeling regarding place of origin, counterfeit trademarks or involving patent or copyright infringement.

3. The Expo will not showcase products form areas whose export to the Republic of China if banned by the R.O.C government or products banned for import.


Application Dates



The application period of 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan has ended.


■ More Info


2019 CET Application Brochure(EN)