School On the Move 2019.04.25


The School On the Move is a grand chamber in which people discuss, reflect and debate in their pursuit of Taiwan’s culturescape.

The exhibition, named“Lagoon Apeiron”, seeks to form a point of convergence of new and old ideas with a micro-image of a lagoon, a prawn fishing pond, around which people explore through insightful discussions and presentations.





The philosophical “School On the Move” is held at C-LAB for the 2019 CET. There is a packed schedule of forums and lectures, an exhibition of avant-garde works by international designers, and the fun and delicious Lagoon Apeiron Afternoon Tea. Let us discover all the highlights of the # School On the Move.






Packed Culture Debate Classes


History is the “memory” of the past, the ongoing activities at present, and the vision of the future. With this in mind, Chief Creative Executive T.C. Chang organized forums on 4 main topics, inviting attendees of all fields to come to the prawn fishing pond and jointly spark cultural thinking.


● What is History 
Thomas Hsiao, Chung-Hao Kuo, Emery Chen, Jun Honn Kao, Audrey Fondecave

● What is Nature 
Jurgen Bey, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Hung-Chi Liao, Shun-Fa Yang, Andrew Ananda

● What is Future
Jhebin Huang, Huai-An Hsing, Jou Min Lin, Shih-Chieh Li, Paul Gong

● Take Action
T.C.Chang, Po-Hao Chi, Kwang-Tsao Shao, Yu-Hung He, Tammy Liu








Exhibition of Avant-Garde Works by International Designers


The School On the Move project offers something more than the packed class schedule— a design exhibition that was  unanticipated.

The fish skin chair and tripe handbag by Dutch designer; furniture made of silkworm cocoon by French designer; fungus-made boots by Italian designer and many other neo-green products made with superb craftsmanship. They are not to be missed.









Weekday Exclusive: Fun and Delicious Lagoon Apeiron Afternoon Tea


Lagoon Apeiron presents 4 special programs on weekdays only—afternoon tea sessions that invite all to share their own exclusive prawn recipe. Sign up and contribute your “good prawn recipe” and get a chance to become the prawn chef of the afternoon tea sessions that all your friends and family may come and enjoy.






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