Places On the Move:The Most Plentiful Market Rich in Taste of Taiwan- Top Taiwan Feast of Nature and Culture 2019.04.22

Culture is regional and food and drink are about living. For the project “Places On the Move” of this year’s CET, Milly, director of Taipei Sky market and WARM GOODS is working with Jasmine Chou, director of  “Have Fun Creative Co., Ltd.” to launch Top Taiwan Feast of Nature and Culture”.

This year’s CET introduces “editing” as a process that looks into the real essence of different places in Taiwan with mass collection of information, comprehensive performances, sharing and innovation. With the creative ideas of all who participate, the event links up tradition and innovation, explores the indigenous and the diverse, and discovers the charm of the cities Taoyuan, Tainan, Pingtung and Taitung from aspects including landscape, rituals and ceremonies, and food and drink. 





The “Top Taiwan Feast of Nature and Culture” takes the hustling Taiwanese temples as examples, presenting all kinds of gourmet foods from different places in the form of market and street vendors and combining local specialties with the culture of rituals. Famous restaurants and deli, such as A-Sha, Ho Hsin Fish Soup, and Hsiang Gi, are there catering, creating a bustling vibe of temple night markets. 







Jin Xia restaurant / A-Sha restaurant : A Fine Mix of Traditional and Innovative Taiwanese Delicacies


Established in 1940, the owner of A-Sha Restaurant continues to realize its motto of “focusing on skills and treating guests honestly”. The restaurant embodies the cultural heritage of Taiwanese cuisine and conveys its respect and gratitude to their customers.

The restaurant brand opened its first branch, Jin Xia, at T.S. Mall in Tainan in 2015, hoping to bring more gourmet foods and unique experience to the guests.  

The famous restaurant brand that started as a little vendor at Tainan’s old city district has been through the change of time as well as ups and downs, but with new ideas added into its operation from each of the past owners, a new look has been given to Taiwanese food. It blends the traditional and innovative flavors to spark new tastes, expanding businesses for the old Taiwanese brand.







Yamato Coffee:Café at the Old Train Station


It all started from “Yamato Hotel” as an overture that led to the following Yamato Project of “Pingtung during the Japanese rule” and the establishment of Yamato Coffee. The “Yamato Coffee Bean Stock”, which was established afterwards, is important in that it “makes people fall in love with the site”. The old house itself tells of the archaic trend; to retain the crowd of the modern time, however, it needs a compelling brand power. In other words, it attracts visitors with its history, and then connects the history and modern life with a cup of fine coffee. In this way, the historic house may sustain itself.








Hsiang Gi :Grandpa’s Homemade Special


While inheriting grandpa’s culinary skills, the owner of Hsiang Gi hopes to promote the tradition of “dine at home” with its products, which make it easy to prepare a table of delicious dishes for the family to savor while chitchatting at dinner time. No perseverance and artificial additives are added to Hsiang Gi foods. The employees of the food product manufacturer can guarantee that, as they themselves are some of the brand’s most loyal customers.







CET Exclusive Night Project - Starlight Market: Hao Fu Side Dish Platter


As “Places On the Move” collects landscapes and customs and showcases them at Huashan 1914 Creative Park, “Top Taiwan Feast of Nature and Culture” brings Taiwanese gourmet food to the temple plaza. During day hours there are performing vendors, and at night the feast will take place.

On the night of April 27th, “Top Taiwan Feast of Nature and Culture” will launch a CET-exclusive night project in which Boogie Bistro will be the chef. Big, red lanterns will be lit, kicking off the CET night market. Make your order from the side dish platter menu, pick the ones that sparks delight in you, and wash the food down with a mouthful of icy-cold beer while appreciating the performance at the temple plaza.






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