2019 Creative Expo Taiwan unveils the Cultural & Creative Award Winners 2019.04.26

Taipei, TAIWAN — 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan announces five Best of Cultural & Creative Award winners. The five Best winners were awarded trophies at the ceremony in S Hotel Taipei on the evening of April 25, along with twenty-five other Cultural & Creative Award winners who each received a certificate. Jury member Chen Jun-Liang (CEO of FREEIMAGE DESIGN) expressed his excitement about this year’s shortlisted works, and his hope for the Taiwanese culture and creative industry’s success on the global stage. Chen feels that the overall performance of this year’s winning works is excellent. He is impressed by the designers’ use of materials and craft techniques, which reflect a desire to rediscover the unique cultural practices of Taiwan.



The five Best of Cultural & Creative Award winners are:

  • TIPA tea set - Deluxe by HappinessKey Co. Ltd.

  • Coffee Spoon by Dicas Metal Co., Ltd.

  • Swirl Jade Ring by Playback Concept Limited

  • Bye Bye, Friends by YuanChi

  • get lost by Noir Noir SHIH



This year’s jury members at both the preliminary and final selection stages include Becky Chen (Sr. Assistant Manager of eslite Spectrum Store Development), Chen Jun-Liang (CEO of Freeimage Design), Grace Wang (President of Que Sera Sera), Wendy Chang (CEO of Impact Licensing Marketing Management Consulting co.,Ltd.), and Mark Chang (Director of Phalanx Creative & Design Co., LTD). The international jury members at final selection are Nobukuni Tsuboi (CEO of 100percent Inc., Japan) and Sharon Ann Weisman (VP of Global Business Development at LIMA, USA). At preliminary selection, the Taiwanese jury members whittled down the 617 entries to a shortlist of just sixty, then the international jury members joined the final selection to choose the thirty winners.



All of the Cultural & Creative Award winners are participating in 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan. A total of 331 brands entered 617 products and images into this year’s award, which marks a 13% increase from the number entries in 2018. This year’s entrants come from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Luxembourg, and other countries or regions.



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2019 CET - 「Culture & Creative Award」Winners