Places On the Move: The Modernology of Land Exploration 2019.04.19


This is the first year the Creative Expo Taiwan has included a “places on the move” action, involving large scale collecting, general exhibitions and performances, sharing and innovation, as vehicles to explore the true nature of places in Taiwan. Through the ingenious ideas of many designers, curators and editors, the exploration focused on scenery, ceremonies, food and drink culture etc.  Such work links tradition and innovation, explores localism and diversity, seeking to go deep and uncover the local appeal of such distinctive cities as Taoyuan, Tainan, Pingtung and Taitung.



The design of the four concept halls, four local histories, together with a craft hall and a market, were carefully planned by designers and through exhibitions and local histories to faithfully show the process of dynamic curation. This serves to uncover the local nature of Taiwanese culture and the boundless potential of globalism to showcase the spirit of local Taiwanese culture.





Editing the Wildest and Most Modern Local Scenery: A Chronicle of Local life


The Places on the Move exhibition area contains not only local hall displays, but also “The Place” series of publications edited and planned by Fines Lee, founder of the “The Affairs.” The editorial team collected elements representing the divergent lifestyles in Taoyuan, Tainan, Pingtung and Taitung. These were then made into four volumes of local histories in Taiwan in the hope of unearthing the “most wild and most modern” side of those places, inspiring readers as to the imagination and possibilities inherent in local life.






Enjoy ah : Honest Feelings of Taitung Philosophy


“Honest feelings life philosophy” is the curatorial theme for the Taitung Hall at this year’s event, with the surprising cooperation of “Plan B” partner Justin Yu and artist Suming. In this way the Taitung is made part of the hall inviting visitors, in line with the rhythms of the ocean and the forest, to lazily feel the sense cultivated on an island.








Our Pingtung Stories: Collection Diary in Southern Taiwan


Renowned designer Joe Fang curated the Pingtung Hall with a focus on collecting “Our Pingtung Stories.” From memory semiotics establish a link, allowing us to view the future of this land through the eyes of children. In this way one can use everything one sees and hears into heartfelt feelings and embrace together with us the Pingtung stories imbued with such amazing vitality.







Taoyuan Reflecting: Richly poetic Taoyuan future tense


Taoyuan Hall invited designer Pang Wang who was responsible for layout to create a deeply poetic “Taoyuan Reflecting,” which for the duration of Creative Expo Taiwan was transformed into a design company focused exclusively on Taoyuan. Embracing such elements as music, sports and landscapes it sought to come up with a series of future city marketing campaigns replete with innovation and local sentiment, using design to show people a brand new Taoyuan spirit.







Simmering Fire: Profound Details of Tainan's Culture

The local topography of mountains and sea combined with the cultural customs accumulated over time are local features of which Tainan has long been proud. The Tainan Hall is managed by You Chih-wei based on the Hoklo concept “simmer slowly,” the meaning of which he extends to include “connecting, cooking, tempering and guiding.”He then uses “objects, sounds, images and installations” to showcase the rich emotional connection, like “boiling warm water,” between individuals and Tainan. Important cultural truths hidden within the folds of time in Tainan are their to be discovered by visitors.







Tea 3.1415: Life Organized Around Tea


Taiwan’s unique “Tea Culture” is an excellent vantage point from which to observe the every day lives of Taiwanese people. The curtorial team headed by Gina Hsu hopes to lead visitors to reflect on what they see in difference scenes depicting the great cultural diversity of Taiwan. This year the Handicraft Hall at Creative Expo Taiwan is called “Tea 3.1415” and focuses on tea, with handicraft art as a radius. In this way life is portrayed as a circumference and the time and space evolution of tea culture as the end point, depicting the spirit and value of Taiwanese handicraft art as an integral part of daily life.







Top Taiwan Feast of Nature and Culture: Rebirth of an Exciting Temple Square


Culture is local, just as food and drink are life, flavors that are a product of local people, events and objects, combining to create the unique culture of Taiwan. Warm Goods supervisor Milly takes the lead, working with Have Fun Creative Co., Ltd. advisor Chou Li-min to promote “Top Taiwan Feast of Nature and Culture.” The event represents the perfect combination of special food and drink with festival culture, inviting renowned local food brands A Xia Restaurant, HoHsin Fish Soup, Hsiang-Gi etc. to set up their own roadside stalls, with tables arranged outside to showcase the all day hustle and bustle that is an integral part of temples squares across Taiwan. Visitors are welcome to come and enjoy the experience first hand.





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