Stage On the Move: Integrating Front Stage and Backstage – Roiling the Cultural Frequency 2019.04.16


Taiwanese folk culture is naturally fluid, which provides creators with a great deal of energy, in as much as they face fewer limitations and care less whether something comes from China, Japan or the West.

Different performances can be seen every day at “Stage on the Move” which will not differentiate between traditional and modern, but rather exist in the space between the two. Performing artists, whether young or old, will work together to create the possibility of movement from tradition to the future.



In total there will be 10 in depth interview records, 39 performances, workshops and seminars, 17 talk shows and more than 200 performers. “Stage on the Move” employs writing and direction in response to the theme “Culture on the Move,” deliberately integrating front stage and backstage areas. The arena is a performance space that will simultaneously hold performances, exhibitions, workshops, interactive experiences, and even a radio station. No clear lines will be drawn between these different elements and in this way the cultural accumulation that underpins each performance can showcase the true dynamic of contemporary Taiwanese culture.





Curatorial Team Self Explanation: The Transcendent Miracle of Stage on the Move

This is the fist time Creative Expo Taiwan has been curated around the concept of dynamic movement, with general curator Liu Chen-jung and three mentors with professional experience in the performing arts and music -- Keng Yi-wei from the world of theater, Blaire Ko from the music world and radio broadcaster DJ Tree -- jointly curating a performance and exhibition in the same shared space, narrating an experience that interlinks tradition and modernity.






Open Space: Integrated Performance Arena Design


Other than arranging different programs for Stage on the Move, the backstage comings and goings, usually unseen by viewers, will also be part of the performance.

The space is designed with a bridge to present backstage area, including and displaying scenes usually hidden from view, including rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, control room, equipment and tools, thereby effectively transforming the backstage area into a dynamic museum.

A “backstage museum” that spans the space from exhibition area to stage connects performance/exhibition spaces and so transcends traditional demarcations, ensuring viewers can better engage with both and view two different dimensions, creating a unique exhibition viewing experience.





From street dancing to acrobatics, puppet shows to hip hop: One day school where no one wants the classes to end

From one-way performances to generating street energy, how many people can you change in “one day”? 

“Stage on the Move” also includes a “one day school” series, inviting seven renowned groups that are top in their respective fields – AM Creative, Les Petites Choses Production, Puppet & Its Double Theater, Hsingho Co., Ltd. , HORSE, Shinehouse Theatre(Taiwan), and Kung-Fu Rap. These groups will hold talks, workshops, and interactive performances in “one day,” challenging viewers to open themselves up physically and vocally. In this way, everyone can “learn” what it means to experience something they do not want to stop or a class they never want to end.






Golden Bell DJ, Top Youtuber, Online Radio “talk” show


In the Internet era where speed and exclusive reporting are paramount, one person and a cellphone can shake an era.

This is a power than cannot be ignored and indicates that the value of vocal broadcasts remains undiminished. Street Voice music director DJ Tree will front an “Online Radio” program that brings together 14 top groups, including new generation TV presenter Retina, Golden Bell Award Winner DJ Ma Shih-fang, Danny Shao and Taiwan Bar Hsiao Yu-chen. Each will be given a microphone and the chance to demonstrate the power of oral broadcasting, presenting viewers with a brand new cultural talk show.








Four not to be missed cross-genre / cross-era shows


Four cross-discipline / cross-era performances that viewers will absolutely not want to miss. Watch the seamless coming together of tradition and modernity.

 "Tracing" Ceremony

Exploring the ritual theater of Taiwan, using a traditional arts array, drama and modern drumming. A “U Theater” performance showcases the faith inherent in Taiwanese tradition, highlighting how the cultural accumulations of history are modernized. The audience is immersed in a dynamic performance as they search for the original motivation behind the roots of Taiwanese culture.

Across Genres and Eras

The event presents a joint performance by traditional Taiwanese puppetry and a Taiwanese language rock band. Puppet master Chen Hsi-huang leads a troupe of Beiguan musicians that together with Taiwanese rock band Sorry Youth create a performance that encapsulates Taiwan past to present.

One Day School Series: Hsing-Ho Circus School and Friends

Former Cirque du Soleil performer Chen Hsing-ho will bring together local and overseas circus performers who invite visitors to join them in the magical world of circus acrobatics. Unique to Creative Expo Taiwan, the grand finale will include a battle for “King of the Acrobats” at Stage on the Move.

Dance Lion is Coming!

In 1999, the “Dance Lion” segment on famous TV show “Golden Night Club” was popular across Taiwan and will be welcomed to the movement stage, with Pon Chia Chia and Hsu Hsiao-shun reprising the roles of Chu-pao and Kui-pao on stage in their own inimical style. This offers a perfect combination of Taiwanese slang and unique humorous dialogue, reviving a popular classic from Taiwanese television history across the bounds of time.





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