Power of Characters in the Time of IP Economy 2019.04.12


According to statistics data from the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA), the world output value of IP licensing each year is as much as US$270 billion. Industries related to the licensing of pan entertainment IP image have become a prominent subject in the economy of the new era.

The image licensing exchange section- the annually-held grand gathering of Taiwan’s licensing industry- is divided into 3 categories: “Characters”, “Illustration & Design”, and “TALENT 100”, which comprises 100 emerging artists from 10 countries, who in total have over 3 million online fans. They are to combine aspects including culture, trend, and the way of living with their respective creative energy and unique works of image to create varied business modes and possibilities for licensing.



Some of the highlights in the event include the 50 sticker stars from LINE Creators Market, and renowned Taiwanese creations such as Majimeow, and Beeru by Taiwan Bar. Furthermore, there is going to be a joint exhibition of popular Taiwanese IP Kuroro and Ninja Bear from Japan’s TV Tokyo. Sticky Monster Lab (SML) from South Korea will also be presented. Come and join us in the largest exhibition with bursting creativity of the year in CET!




Interact face-to-face with popular sticker characters!
LINE Creators Market|Taipei Expo Park- Expo Dome|D1-065

As the year 2019 marks the 5th anniversary of LINE Creators Market, the successful and quality sticker-selling platform for creators featuring personal, innovative, and applicable original stickers continues to infuse image creation with limitless possibilities.
Fifty sticker characters- half of them superstars and the other half emerging ones- will come from online to offline to meet their fans in person. Take your friends and family, come to play with the charming characters and their mysterious yet lovely creators, and hear what they have to say about themselves!





Feel the king’s manner presented by characters of HAPPY BLACK
MEMES CREATIVE PARTNERSHIP|Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome|D1-056

Kuroro and Duma, popular characters of MEMES CREATIVE PARTNERSHIP, will join forces with big time character Ninja Bear from TV TOKYO TXCOM to launch a LOVE HAPPY BLACK pop-up shop! Visitors may pose for photos with them and purchase this year’s new products of Kuroro & Duma, which will be unveiled at the expo!






Therapeutic “Sticky Monster Lab”
Jiihao Life and Culture Development Inc.|Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome|D1-037

Sticky Monster Lab (SML) from South Korea, with its much-loved characters, is to unveil a new figuring “Sun Wukong Ver. 2” at CET. With an exclusive sense of design and unstrained imagination, SML has elevated the concept of figurines to a new peak.





Immerse in the artistic world of flower!
Plantica|Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome |D2-006

Plantica is a brand of floral design by a Japanese flower artist. More than 200 floral designs have been applied onto numerous products in collaboration with various brands. It will be the first time Plantica products are exposed in Taiwan, as well as its first collaboration with local business Cama Café to launch limited edition of products. Visitors may be immersed in the world of flourishing flowers and plants while enjoying a cup of coffee.






Fashion x Illustration
Fashion Block|Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome

For the first time, "Fashion Block" and the CET bring together Taiwanese fashion brands and emerging illustration artists, combining both industries with creative crossover while featuring emerging designers showcased in Talent 100. SHOUSHOU collaborates with children’s book illustration artist Chang Hsiao-Chi to reveal a creative approach to colorful prints. YIBO collaborates with OUNCE Studio that explores the world with the brush to incorporate silk print of illustrations in clothing. As cultural boundaries dissolve, fashion design and illustration create new dialogues, subverting the pre-existing frameworks and introducing new creative energies.





Turn the handle and be surprised at the Gashapon Wall of Creative Expo Taiwan
Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome

The image licensing section of CET is to launch a gashapon fad again! The event is held in a larger scale this year, as a total of 70 local licensed brands, international classic characters, and emerging creators have taken parts in the “CET-exclusive Gashapon”, turning their virtual images and original characters into de-stressing gashapon that are sure worth collecting.



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