The Expo that Arouses the Whole Town : Culture On the Move 2019.04.06


2019 Creative Expo Taiwan, kicking off with the slogan of “Culture On the Move” as its main theme this year, attempts to have its cultural momentum penetrate through the layers of time and space and string Taipei City’s cultural corridor with 5 major venues- Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, TRW Railway Museum, and Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome.


The whole city will transform into an exhibition site to launch a cultural experiment movement that is the result of the crowd’s exploration and creation powers.

The 5 main themes- Stage On the Move, Places On the Move, Fair On the Move, School On the Move, and Infrastructure On the Move- will be “on the move” at the same time from April 24 to May 5. During these 12 days, they will arouse the whole city’s breath and pulse and have them stirred and mingle in culture.



The theme concept exhibition that is located in Huashan 1914 Creative Park this year will kick off with the movements “Direct- Stage On the Move” and “Edit- Places On the Move” to break formalities and link up the tradition and innovation, turning the Creative Expo Taiwan into a performance that is linked to the neighborhood. The concept exhibition also dynamically collects a dynamic atlas of the stories of Taiwan, while remaining open to all cultural possibilities and ideas. This movement will be always on the move!



Stage On the Move: Roving Between Tradition and Modern Day with the Exhibition Venue as a Stage

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

There is not a line between the front and back stages for the Stage On the Move, as the venue itself is the stage with which the exhibition project displays, with accumulated performances, the authentic dynamics of Taiwanese culture with “performing” and “recording”.

Glove puppetry master Xi-Huang Chen (陳錫煌) is to perform against Sorry Youth (拍謝少年) for the first time; Minyen Hsieh’s (謝明諺) Laid-back saxophone jazz music is to clash against hardcore rapper Ill Mo(老莫); Other performers include the Taiwanese rapping duet Lion Dancing (鐵獅玉玲瓏), which incorporates Taiwanese rapping with variety show and blends tradition with innovation; the “One Day of School Series” (一日學校系列), and daily live talk shows on various topics with 14 sets of big-time voice performers led by DJ Tree (DJ小樹). There will not be a gap between the audience and the performers; every move in the space is part of the show. Keep an open mind and enjoy this big dynamic experiment!







Places On the Move: Modernology of Land Exploration

Huashan 1914 Creative Park


Blossom Land Design Office” comes up with a proposal for the city’s future design; Tainan’s “A City That Takes Its Time” slow-cooks the city’s hundred-year-old gourmet axes; Pingtung brings in the mountain breeze of southern Taiwan, outlining “Our Pingtung Stories” with poems, dances, and songs; and finally, Taitung offers its warmth of land and ocean with “Enjoy ah!”.


Furthermore, one could savor a variety of specialties at the “Top Taiwan Feast of Nature and Culture” event held at the Grand Green, with the Craft Pavilion offers the fragrant “Tea 3.1415” as a wrap up. This local path of cultures pieced together will outline new regional landscapes.





Fair On the Move: Industry Dynamics - Design and Licensing

Songshan Cultural & Creative Park , Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome


The 2 main venues of “Fair On the Move”- the Design Brand Pavilion and Image Licensing Pavilion- have been the key projects for Cultural Expo Taiwan over the years. For this year, with all kinds of merchandises, more than 570 cultural and creative brands demonstrate again the perfect integration of Taiwan’s aesthetic output and industrial cooperation.


A major event at Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome is “image licensing”, which display works of 100 local and foreign cutting-edge creators from 10 different countries, who have won the support of over 3 million fans on the Internet. The exhibitions at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, on the other hand, focuses on “design brands”, showcasing products of various fields from lifestyle, stationary and wares, to cultures of places of origin in its 8 pavilions according to their respective categories. It is hoped that the vitality of the culture industry can be boosted through the assembled brands and interactions among the artists.




School On the Move: A Big Conference Hall that Gathers New Perspectives, Discussions, and Critical Thinking

Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab


Taking the cultural corridor as the axis, this year, for the first time, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab will be linked to the Creative Expo Taiwan, to create a venue for discussion and examination of ideas – from island to ocean, topics of ecology, marine breeding, transportation and how it links to human emotions. “School on the Move” will serve as a venue to redefine and explore unknown areas. discuss and discuss, re-position the self and clarify the unknown speculation field.


The exhibition is organized by Frank Huang, founder of Double-Grass. Cultural critic T.C Chang was invited to engineer the boldest spatial experiment, using learning as the main shaft to extend from daily scenes to gather new perspectives on design, arts, and sensitivity in an effort to create the “School On the Move”.






Infrastructure On the Move: The Initiation of the City’s Momentum Launches the Cultural Corridor

TRW Railway Museum

“Taipei Railway Workshop”, a national monument at the center of Taipei City, is to present its past glory with “Infrastructure On the Move”.


The Taipei Railway Workshop, where train carriages were made and repaired during the industrial age, will become the locomotive of the cultural innovation corridor. For this year’s Creative Expo Taiwan, part of the walls at the storage area of the platform adjacent to Songshan Cultural and Creative Park will be open, with which the project declares the flip and rebirth of the old railroad. Furthermore, opening historical monuments allows the general public to appreciate historic sites in the city and encourages them to come up with their own narratives of the Taipei Railway Workshop-turned TRW Railway Museum in a future city.




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