Culture on the Move – Large Scale Cultural Disruption Experiment 2019.04.12

The slogan “Culture on the Move” is embraced as the opening salvo used to promote the 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan, which opens on April 24.


2019 Creative Expo Taiwan is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, executed by the Taiwan Design Center and curated by BIAS Architects. This year, the event will focus on the theme “Culture on the Move” in an effort to ensure the kinetic energy of culture penetrates the depths of space and time. By following the old Taipei railway line connecting Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Songshan Culture and Creative Park, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, TRW Railway Museum and Taipei Expo Park - Expo Dome, the area is expanded into five main exhibition areas connecting cultural industry in Taipei.


This year’s Creative Expo Taiwan will continue to deepen cultural concepts and curation, with curatorial advisor Chan Wei-hsiung and general curator Liu Chen-jung leading the team organizing the event and inviting the participation of creative individuals from the diverse fields of design, performance art, music etc. These participants worked to transform the entire city into an exhibition arena as we launch a cultural experimentation movement that seeks to use the power of the public to explore and create. The five main themes of “Stage on the Move,” “Places on the Move,” “Fair on the Move,” “School on the Move” and “NEXT Infrastructure on the Move” will run from April 24 to May 5. It is our goal in those 12 days to disrupt the pulse of the city as we seek to collectively stir up cultural passions across Taipei. 


The theme concept area this year is Huashan 1914 Creative Park, with a focus on two actions – “Direct - Stage on the Move” “Edit - Places on the Move” which attempt to connect tradition and innovation as vehicles to explore localism and diversity.


■ “Stage On the Move”: Between Tradition and Modernity - Exhibition Arena and Performance Stage
Location: Four connected buildings at Huashan 1914 Creative Park



“Stage on the Move” uses movement to change Taiwanese culture, deliberately breaking through the boundary between exhibition and performance. By embracing “performance” and “recording” as the dual focuses of curatorial work, the accumulation of culture behind each performance highlights the true dynamic of Taiwanese culture. 

Taiwanese puppet master Chen Hsi-huang has performed for decades, but this is the first time he has joined forces with Taiwanese rock band Sorry Youth. The laid back jazz sound of Hsieh Ming-yen’s saxophone meets the hard rap of Ill Mo; Dance Lion with its combination of traditional folk crosstalk art and variety performance culture brings together tradition and innovation to transcend the bounds of drum noise art. In addition, the combination of display and performance areas facilitates movement between tradition and modernity, into which is inserted the not to be missed One Day School series. This includes Les Petites Choses Production (Body is the Culture), former Cirque du Soleil performer Hsing-Ho Chen (acrobatics competition), Dwagie Hip Hop (Kung Fu Rap) etc. These performnces are continuous, with almost no distance between the performers and the audience, in a never ending flow of ideas and physical movement.


In the same arena, Street Voice music director DJ Tree leads 14 top groups, including a Golden Bell Award Winning DJ, a renowned TV broadcaster and popular Youtuber in an “audio” presentation, broadcasting a live online talk show that addresses different themes every day. 


The event does not distinguish between backstage and front stage, so the exhibition area is also a performance stage, mixing together on site perceptions, with performers and stage hands passing back and forth. Backstage is like a museum, with every breath and movement taken in this space an integral part of the exhibition. The frame of mind showcased is open mindedness and visitors are encouraged to enjoy the large scale dynamic experiment.  

■ “Places On the Move”: Modernology of Land Exploration
Location: Huashan 1914 Creative Park



“Places on the Move” offers an exploration based on landscape, ceremonial rituals and food and drink culture. Through the idea of designers this program searches for the most unique local features in each place and undertakes an in depth look at the appeal of such cities as Taoyuan, Tainan, Pingtung and Taitung, using exhibitions and local history at the Creative Expo to showcase the spirit of local culture in Taiwan.


The Taoyuan Hall is called “Taoyuan Studio” and is transformed into a design studio focused on Taoyuan, proposing creative disruptive programs for future Taoyuan City; In the Tainan Hall we see “A City That Takes its Time,” using the emotional connections between people and objects to stimulate a century of food memories in Tainan; Pingtung Hall focuses on katabatic wind combined with dance and ceremonies, poetry and video footage, to depict the land images of “Our Pingtung Stories”; Taitung Hall introduces the life philosophy of “Enjoy ah!” in which the collection of objects and music editing gives visitors a sense of island land and the vast expanse of the ocean.


In addition to the four main halls, the “Top Taiwan Feast of Nature and Culture” makes another appearance on the grass verges of Huashan, with principles from various brands transformed into home chefs with outdoor tables, to recreate the hustle and bustle of a temple square from morning to night. The Handicraft Hall presents “Tea 3.1415” which revolves around tea and depicting Taiwan through seven sections, showing “tea life” and its changing combination of old and new elements, while also showcasing future possibilities in the world of tea. “The Place” local history series” represents a departure from traditional economic oriented thinking, with the editing team focusing instead on local areas and values to uncover “the wildest and most modern” aspects of a place.   


The four city concept halls, four local histories, Handicraft Hall and market explore the true nature of local areas in Taiwan. At the same time, the process of searching for localism results in the establishment of “Places On the Move” and a discussion on the defining qualities of different places.


■  “Fair On the Move”: Design Brands, Image Licensing, First Hand Industry Dynamics
Location: Taipei Expo Park - Expo Dome, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park


The two central venues at the “Creative Expo Taiwan” focus on design and licensing, two heavyweight programs the expo has organized for many years, with more than 570 culture and creative brands participating this year.


Songshan Cultural and Creative Park focuses on “design brands” with commodities ranging from furniture and decorations to stationary and utensils, fashion styles, tableware and tea sets, local culture etc. This is the first year five different categories of museum have been linked and a collective curatorial format used to narrate historical memory. The program also includes Taiwan-Japan Express and Dainippon-ichi Taiwan EXPO , expanding connections to and experience of Japanese handicraft work. In addition, the Life! Lab will display mainly new handicraft texture brands with a focus on “Beauty in Friendliness” and “Beauty in Utility”; “Taiwan Design –NEXT” adopts the theme “Hotel” to display brands relating to such fields as spatial design, decorations, furniture, hotels etc., thereby promoting Taiwan design on an international stage.


Taipei Expo Park - Expo Dome mainly promotes “IP Image Licensing,” bringing together original character development and illustrations from Taiwan and overseas, as well as license applications from 100 new Asian talents. This year’s Talent 100 focuses on the theme “local culture,” creating a Talent 100 Innovation Wall on which is displayed graphic and AR representations of creative images relating to ceremonies, local legends and local cultures from around the world, as a way of highlighting the multi-dimensional nature of creativity. In addition, for the first time Fashion Taipei and Creative Expo Taiwan will promote a joint work by new local fashion brands and new illustrators in the cross-discipline “Fashion x Illustrations” program, which introduces illustration elements to fashion design. Last year, the “capsule wall” was a great success and this year visitors can see a limited Creative Expo Taiwan version, inviting participating firms to design accessories, with a large number of characters appearing for the first time as part of IP On the Move.


■ "School On the Move": A Large Forum to Debate, Think, and Discuss
Location: Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab)



This is also the first year the expo has included a Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, reached through an Industry Corridor. This takes scenes from every day life and digs down to create School On the Move. This is a meeting place where those in attendance search for Taiwanese culture through discussion and debate.


The exhibition is curated by Huang Wei-lun from “Double-Grass” based on the theme “Lagoon Apeiron.” The scene includes a shrimp catching pond which introduces the ideas of cultivation and irrigation, as part of a reflection on local culture and future trends. The exhibition invites such international groups as avant-garde bio artists The Harrison Studio, Studio Makkink & Bey and Too Much Magazine which approaches urban geography from the perspective of romantic geography. Over a 12 day period, each day participants engage in a contest of ideas, curating the boldest spatial experiments based on new viewpoints, designs, art and feelings, with the focus on learning to create a true flow of ideas.


■  “Infrastructure On the Move”: The Beginnings of Urban Dynamism, Opening the Way to Cultural Innovation
Location: TRW Railway Museum


This is the first time the national monument Taipei Railway Workshop in Xinyi District will open its doors to the public.


During the industrial era, Taipei Railway Workshop manufactured and repaired railways cars. On this occasion, Creative Expo Taiwan will remove some of the walls separating the venue from nearby Songshan Tobacco Factory warehouse, opening it up as a public space so visitors can enjoy the historical urban site. This move also represents the beginnings of urban kinetic energy, declaring the inauguration of a cultural corridor that enables members of the public to write the next chapter in the history of this particular urban spatial memory.


2019 Creative Expo Taiwan 2019 “Culture On the Move” will be a large scale kinetic experiment that brings together, mixes and fuses the power of tradition and innovation, with the collision of people, events, objects and ideas to create infinite possibilities. All of these elements feature in the exhibition venue into which the city is transformed, allowing us to traverse tradition and innovation, transcend localism and globalism, moving in time with the natural rhythms of the city.


■ Exhibition Date

Stage On the Move & Places On the Move

Location: Huashan 1914 Creative Park
Opening Hour: 4.24(WED) – 5.5(SUN)10:00 – 20:00


Fair On the Move - Design

Location: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
Opening Hour: 4.24(WED) – 4.28(SAT)10:00 – 18:00, 4/28(SUN) 10:00 – 17:00 

※ 4.24(WED)  – 4.25(THU) Open for Professionals ONLY


Fair On the Move - Licensing

Location: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
Opening Hour: 4.24(WED) – 4.28(SAT)10:00 – 18:00, 4/28(SUN) 10:00 – 17:00 

※ 4.24(WED)  – 4.25(THU) Open for Professionals ONLY


School On the Move

Location: Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab)
Opening Hour: 4.24(WED) – 5.5(SUN)10:00 – 21:00


Infrastructure On the Move

Location: TRW Railway Museum
Opening Hour: 4.24(WED) – 5.5(SUN)10:00 – 19:00