Gathering 100 Faces of Creation! “Talent 100”: Exchange Platform for Cutting-Edge Creators 2019.03.29


Visual images have become a mainstream means of communication in the age of the Internet. The flourishing social media has given rise to a stage for real-time displays never seen before. For the popular exhibition “Talent 100”, which attracts queues of visitors each year, 100 cutting-edge, profoundly beloved domestic and foreign creators were either selected or recommended by media or public associations to present their work. There will be 5 licensing sections – illustration, manga, animation, printed pattern, and figurines – and they present the most fascinating display of talent from the world.


70 cutting-edge Taiwanese creators x 30 cutting-edge international creators x 5 licensing classes x 10 countries x Support from a total of 3 million online fans.


“Local Culture” Presents a Hundred Ways of Living from the World


A Talent 100 creation zone is exclusively organized in the image-licensing pavilion this year, which invites all of the 100 creators to gather information on worshipping rites, festivities, legends, cultures, and customs from around the world, and combine these information with the conceptual image of Taiwan’s endemic and endangered plant Dipteris conjugata to create works. This activity not only symbolizes the exclusiveness of the Talent, but also establishes a record of the world’s hundred ways of living.

The featured image creations on-site will be shown with illustrated displays and augmented reality (AR). The diverse media used allows the creations to straddle the boundary between reality and virtuality and produce infinite interpretations and spaces for application, which correspond to the main theme of this year’s Creative Expo – “Culture on the Move”, meaning that culture is never static, it is a continued dynamic imagery.




Lodge for all things; Passersby through hundreds of generations: the sweetness and ruthlessness of solar terms

Romantic Illustration|Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome|D3-054
The creation series “Passersby through hundreds of generations” is making its debut at Creative Expo Taiwan. A lecture, in which the lecturer will present stories of the 24 solar terms with images with storyboarding and guide attendees to see the changing of the seasons, will also be held during the time of the expo.





Collecting knowledge as well as collecting the warmth of textures in the hand
Weien Lee|Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome|D3-061

Little Books of Specimen, Lee’s latest work, is a result of the artist’s collaboration with Grant Museum of Zoology at University College London. It has been made into a pocket-sized book with a tactile texture of a 19th century British hardcover book. The single, bright color scheme of the illustrations allows the specimen-making techniques to transcend cold imagination and convey the intrinsic beauty of life with the delightful, friendly and classic style of illustration.




To you and the other eccentrics who make the world more fun
Incrediville|Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome |D3-048

“There are some types of eccentricity that we are all very fond of and jealous of. To me, eccentricity fights banality by itself, reminding us, who are trapped in a daily rat-race, that there is always something interesting in life.” The tie-ins of the works by this first group of artists that informs readers of trivia by illustrations will make their debut in 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan.



Recording the touching feeling daily foods offer
OUNCE studio| Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome|D3-027

Combining gourmet food, travel and design, this design brand of illustration presents information on gourmet foods around the world and their locations with hand-drawn pictures, extending the sense of taste to the sense of sight and recording the emotional feelings that the foods offer. The studio’s latest series of drawings of food made with plants around the world will make its debut appearance at the Creative Expo.




Uncle Tommy becomes “Adventurer of Humorous Forest”
Ryan Lin|aipei Expo Park-Expo Dome|D3-004

The creator of Taipei MRT’s “Design station” theme in 2016 and the director of AUD, a next-generation design brand of illustration, Ryan Lin has returned with Uncle Tommy. This time, Uncle Tommy becomes the “Adventurer of Humorous Forest” and embarks on an expedition to Humorous Forest on his own. Despite the fierce animals that chase and attack him and all sorts of ridiculous events, Uncle Tommy still is able to overcome the challenges with his sense of humor.



International window: The charisma of Thailand’s IP characters


In recent years, the Thai government has been promoting the “Creative Thailand” project, investing vast resources to develop the country’s creative economy and spreading the application of its culture to various industries. Thailand’s design and cultural and creative capabilities have become a strong force not to be overlooked.

Some of Thailand’s most popular brand IPs will be present at 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan, including Sweet Summer, VITHITA ANIMATION, KAI3 PUBLISHING LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS, XHABITION, 2SPOT COMMUNICATIONS, HOLEN, NANAMI ANIMATION, and THAI DIGITAL CONTENT CLUSTER. Friendly and funny IP characters are waiting for you at Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome.



Reusing printed patterns and discovering new opportunities in cross-industry licensing


Established in 2008 by 3 new arts college graduates, who released their very first printed pattern of “Taiwanese crested myna”, In Bloom has grown to become a startup company of over 30 employees. In 2019, In Bloom partners with “HIM International Music”, an agent specializing in cultural and creative licensing, to launch the service of “printed pattern licensing”.



In Bloom has accumulated a good many works of printed patterns since its establishment; in addition to the classic patterns on merchandises, there are many secret patterns not seen on the market. These original patterns are intangible assets of In Bloom as well as a treasure house with great potential. For this reason, the service of “licensing” emerged. Everythingfrom classic brands of household electronics, daily supplies, apparels, and spaces, to foodcan be applied with the patterns from In Bloom, which adds to the cultural connotation and topicality of the product itself. Through the “licensing mode”, all industries may easily create sparks in their cross-field cooperation with In Bloom.

The whole new series of “Yummy Taiwan place mat” with brand new colors will hit the market at 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan.


Explore the world with a courageous, forward-looking power
Unicorn Mani|Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome|D1-066

Everyone’s friend Unicorn Mani, who symbolizes “guarding bravery”, shares his courage and wits with those who endeavor to survive in the world. At 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan, a limited number of 3-D, hand-made and hand-drawn art toys of “Unicorn Mani”, made of multiple special materials combined together, will hit the market. Each toy comes with an exclusive number and will be exhibited overseas.





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