2019 Creative EXPO Taiwan Special Activity: Guided Tours of National Taiwan Museum Railway Department Historic Sites and the Peripheral Areas 2019.03.28


In view of the coming 2019 Creative EXPO Taiwan held on 24-28 April, National Taiwan Museum will hold guided tours of National Taiwan Museum Railway Department historic sites and the peripheral areas, eight sessions in Mandarin Chinese and two in English from 6 April to 4 May.


National Taiwan Museum Railway Department historic sites, expected to open in 2020, are not only the living proof of the advancement and modernization of the contemporary Taipei City, but the starting point of the city’s extension to the east. Ever since the establishment of the Taipei Machinery at the northwest of the Taipei City in Qing Dynasty, the Beimen (North Gate) area has become the inception of locomotive maintenance, manufacture of ammunition, money foundry, and trails and rail sleepers. It connected the Dadaocheng Ticketing Booth of the first generation Taipei Train Station, with the north stretching towards Keelung and the south bound for Hsinchu, it was the rising fortress of traffic in Taiwan.


To ensure the safety of all participants, the tours will not be lead into the interior of the historic sites due to the ongoing constructions since 25 September 2017.
However, to promote the history of the Railway Department and the development of the core of Taipei City, the tours will cover the history of the peripheral areas and the context of Taipei’s urban development.


The Railway Department historic sites will have the official opening in 2020. Stay tuned!

  • Participants: General public (11 years-old and above) capacity of 20 people.


  • Assembly:

1.    For Mandarin Chinese sessions: The main gate of the Administration Headquarter Office of Railway Department historic sites.
2.    For English sessions: MRT Beimen Station Exit 2.


  •  Fee: Free.


  • Registration:

1.    Online pre-registration: 20 people.(Online registrants are required to check-in onsite at least 20 minutes prior to the event, or yield the opportunity to onsite waiting list candidates. )
2.    Link to Mandarin Chinese sessions
3.    Link to English sessions


  • Onsite registration: Waiting list opens 10 minutes before the event depending on the attendance of online registrants.