#News 2019.05.08

350,000 people celebrated Culture On the Move at 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan

#News 2019.04.26

2019 Creative Expo Taiwan unveils the Cultural & Creative Award Winners

#Newsletter 2019.04.26

Results of the “Cultural & Creative Award” representing a year of culture and creative trends and fashions

#Newsletter 2019.04.25

School On the Move

#Newsletter 2019.04.22

Places On the Move:The Most Plentiful Market Rich in Taste of Taiwan- Top Taiwan Feast of Nature and Culture

#Newsletter 2019.04.19

Places On the Move: The Modernology of Land Exploration

#News 2019.04.17

2019 Creative Expo Taiwan activates a new cultural corridor in Taipei

#Newsletter 2019.04.16

Stage On the Move: Integrating Front Stage and Backstage – Roiling the Cultural Frequency

#Newsletter 2019.04.12

Power of Characters in the Time of IP Economy

#News 2019.04.12

Culture on the Move – Large Scale Cultural Disruption Experiment

##Newsletter 2019.04.10

Timeless Quality Lifestyle: “Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten” Presents Artisanship

#Award 2019.04.08

Top 60 List of 2019 Culture & Creative Award was released!

##Newslteer 2019.04.06

The Expo that Arouses the Whole Town : Culture On the Move

#Newsletter 2019.03.29

Gathering 100 Faces of Creation! “Talent 100”: Exchange Platform for Cutting-Edge Creators

#Activity 2019.03.28

2019 Creative EXPO Taiwan Special Activity: Guided Tours of National Taiwan Museum Railway Department Historic Sites and the Peripheral Areas

#Newsletter 2019.03.22

Studying the Beauty of Life:Life! Lab

#Award 2019.01.30

2019 Culture & Creative Award Application

#Licensing 2018.12.17

2019 Creative EXPO Taiwan Talent 100 - Overseas Spotlighted Creators

#Opencall 2018.11.12

Creative Expo Taiwan 2019 Application