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Opening hours:2019.04.24 - 2019.05.05

Opening Hours|04/24 - 05/05 10:00 - 20:00
※ The exhibition will open to all public from 04/24 - 5/5

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Stage On the Move deals with the Culture On the Move agenda by making “performance” and “documentary” the core ideas and building on the concept of equating exhibition and performance space. By the means of this, it reveals the cultural legacy that supports any performance and showcases the actual life of Taiwan’s contemporary culture-makers.





General Curator │ Tammy Chen-Jung Liu

Born in Fengyuan, Taichung, Tammy Chen-Jung Liu is the co-founder of BIAS Architects. She has focused on public issues for a long time and excels in experimental and strategic planning to reconsider the urban space and its cultural practices.


Stage On the Move Stage Consultant | Yi-Wei Keng

Current dramaturg at National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts―Weiwuying, Keng was the artistic director of Taipei Arts Festival. He is the recipient of the German- Taiwan Friendship Medals and the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.


Program Director | Blaire Ko

Recipient of "Best Sound Effect and Music" of the Golden Bell Awards and "Best Hakka Album" of the Golden Melody Awards, the works of Blaire Ko ranges a wide variety of music, including classical, experimental, concert, film and television music.


Online Radio General Director | DJ Tree

Jury committee member of multiple editions of the Golden Melody Awards and the Golden Indie Music Award, DJ Tree is currently a music critic at The Big Issue, the director of Street Voice, the general director of "The Next Big Thing" and the host of radio show "StreetVoice.





Stage On the Move
Central Stage



Stage On the Move

DJ Tree


Stage On the Move


What are you singing?

Stage On the Move
Central Stage

Yang Show King

Taiwan Liam-kua Smile Folksong Group


Stage On the Move

Shi-Fang Ma


Lighting Up Taiwan Puppet Theatre

The story starts with two major factions of the Kung-fu sphere, Minjiang sect. led by Wen-Xia, and Mort Sect. led by Wu Lin Tien of Lunar Palace that have been rivalries for centuries. This balanced rivalry is however soon to be disturbed by the joining of Kowloonson - one of the four grand masters - to Mort sect. To save the order of the world, Nan Xia the tramping tiger sets off to gather allies for Minjiang sect.

“Nan Xia the Tramping Tiger” was a script for puppet theatre first written in 1964 by Mr. Chen Jun-Ran for classic puppetry performance. The puppet performance introduced several famous characters, among whom are Wen Xia Prince of Strategies, Nan Xia the Tramping Tiger and Oldie. Managed by Tsaotun Chongsing Radio Station, the show later became a national sensation that caused huge traffics on the days of series débuts.

Rewritten by Mr. Hsiao Tien Chen (Third generation leader of Sin Se Kai Puppet Troupe), the title character“Nan Xia ” is reinterpreted to be a hero with more depth and dynamic. With the development of both the characters and the plot, audience will find themselves more invested in this classic.

Stage On the Move
Central Stage

Shinergy Puppet Show


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  • Sun Yat-Sen Memorial HallStation (Bannan Line / Zhonghe - Xinlu Line)  ake Exit 1 and walk about 3 minutes.

  • Shandao Temple 】(Bannan Line ) Take Exit 6 and walk about 5 minutes.





  • 【Zhongxiao elementary School Station】 (Zhongxiao E. Rd.) Toward Taipei East District: 212, 212 Express, 232, 232 Sub, 262, 299, 605, 605 Sub, 605 Xintaiwu, and Zhongxiao New Main Line Toward Taipei Main Station: besides the routes mentioned above, 202 and 202 Shuttle.

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  • 【National Taipei U. of Technology Station】 (Bade Rd) 205, 257, and 276.

  • 【Huashan Park Station】 (Civic Blvd.) 669.





Parking lot in the Park is available 24 hours a day Parking Fees: (Weekdays) NTD 40/ per hour, NTD 280/ per day (Weekends) NTD 60/ per hour, NTD 540/ per day

  • Parking Lot 1: The entrance is located on Zhongxiao E. Rd

  • Parking Lot 2: The entrance is located on Beiping E. Rd.





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