Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

Opening hours:2019.04.24 - 2019.04.28

OPENING HOURS|4/24-4/27 10:00-18:00 , 4/28 10:00-17:00 
※ 4/24-4/25 Open for Professionals ONLY

SERVICE LINE|+886-2-2765-2951、+886-2-2749-4837

Taiwanese designs and craft brands are showcased in Fair On the Move-Design to present the design logic and creative energies of new generations at Songshan Cultural & Creative Park. Divided into five sections, the exhibition features themes of “Living,” “Playing,” “Fashion,” “Dining” and “Culture of Origin.” Together with Life! Lab and NEXT, these sections unfold a diverse ensemble revolving around artisanal crafts, design aesthetics and cultural history.







SHUTTLE BUS|4/24-2/45






  • 【Entrance located on Lane 553, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road】 Entrances 1 ~ 3 (for pedestrian only) The Park’s eco-pond and entrance sign are visible upon entering from the lane of the previous location of the United Daily News and passing by the Criminal Investigation Bureau. (The car can’t pass the narrow lane, please enter from Yanchang Road.)

  • 【Entrance located on Yanchang Road】 Entrances 4 and 5 (for both pedestrian and vehicles) is located at the intersection of Civic Boulevard and Guangfu South Road. Drive from Civic Boulevard and take off-ramp at Guangfu South Road and keep heading east to Yanchang Road.




  • 【United Daily News Station】 212, 212 Express, 232, 232 Sub, 240(include Express Bus), 263, 270, 299, 919, 1800, 1815, 5500, and Zhongxiao New Main Line

  • 【Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station】 204, 254, 266, 266 Shuttle, 282, 288, and 288 Shuttle




The nearest charged parking lot is located at the underground level of the Taipei New Horizon Building. Please enter from Yanchang Road (the intersection of Civic Boulevard and Guangfu South Road). Taipei New Horizon Tel: 02-6622-6888




Taoyuan International Airport

  • Take Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System (A12 or A13) toward Taipei Main Station (A1). The Metro comes to every 6 min (Express and commuter train).
  • Transfer to Taipei Metro system at Taipei Main Station and take Bannan Line/ Blue Line (Taipei City Hall Station and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station).