Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Opening hours:2019.04.26 - 2019.04.28

Opening Hours|04/26、04/28 11:00 - 18:00 , 04/27 11:00 - 21:00
※ The exhibition will open to all public from 4/26 - 4/28
Culture is formed within life and life is formed within foods. Those details shape the unique look of Taiwan. “Top Taiwan Feast of Nature and Culture” this year uses the concept of roadside banquet to present Taiwan’s bustling “Miao Cheng” (temple yard) culture. We bring brands from Pingtung, Tainan, Taitung, Taoyuan, and Taipei together. When the market opens, they become chefs and serve you with their best cuisine one after another. Come and enjoy the fascinating Taiwan.



Milly has her own opinion of Japanese crafts and creative industry and always search for the original style on her journey. She once hold a position as design director in a big company, responsible for visual design and curating. Now as the director of WARM GOODS, she focuses on waiting for the right moment to come rather than selling products. This kind of attitude toward life influences her customers’ idea of city life and aesthetic experience deeply.

Curator Partner|Jasmine Chou

Jasmine is the curatorial consultant of Have Fun Creative Co., Ltd. and former chief curator of Original Festival and Good Home Taiwan. She is very good at space operation and curating. She has been dedicating herself to promoting the artistic innovation and cultivating promising creators for years.



Places On the Move


Places On the Move


SHUTTLE BUS|4/24-4/28|4/24-4/28







  • Zhongxiao XinshengStation (Bannan Line / Zhonghe - Xinlu Line)  ake Exit 1 and walk about 3 minutes.

  • Shandao Temple 】(Bannan Line ) Take Exit 6 and walk about 5 minutes.





  • 【Zhongxiao elementary School Station】 (Zhongxiao E. Rd.) Toward Taipei East District: 212, 212 Express, 232, 232 Sub, 262, 299, 605, 605 Sub, 605 Xintaiwu, and Zhongxiao New Main Line Toward Taipei Main Station: besides the routes mentioned above, 202 and 202 Shuttle.

  • 【Ministry of Audit Station】 (Zhongxiao E. Rd.) Toward Taipei East District: 205, 212, 220, 232, 232 Sub, 257, 262, 276, 299, 605, and Zhongxiao New Main Line Toward Taipei Main Station: besides the routes mentioned above, 202, 202 Shuttle and 247.

  • 【National Taipei U. of Technology Station】 (Bade Rd) 205, 257, and 276.

  • 【Huashan Park Station】 (Civic Blvd.) 669.





Parking lot in the Park is available 24 hours a day Parking Fees: (Weekdays) NTD 40/ per hour, NTD 280/ per day (Weekends) NTD 60/ per hour, NTD 540/ per day

  • Parking Lot 1: The entrance is located on Zhongxiao E. Rd

  • Parking Lot 2: The entrance is located on Beiping E. Rd.







  • Take Taiwan Taoyuan international Airport Access MRT System (A12 or A13) toward Taipei Main Station (A1). The Metro comes every 6 min (Express and commuter train).

  • Transfer to Taipei Metro system at Taipei Main Station and take Tamsui – Xinyi Line (Yuanshan Station).